Alessandro Medici

I am a media maker with skills that range from stills to motion. I worked on staff for 4 years at Trillium Productions, documentary production company, while simultaneously working freelance jobs in advertising and film. I started at Trillium as an intern and worked my way to associate producer. I have worked all over the US and also Brazil, where I worked for one year in a photo studio and also returned for an artist residency.

With my own work, I love to photograph people. In any instance, really, but primarily music. I shoot a lot of music and have been since I was a kid. Shooting music formed the way I look at photography as a whole, it made me focus on timing as the most important aspect of my images. I enjoy making images of lots of types of things, but I like working with people in general. 

I now work freelance full time while I work on my personal projects.